Pyweek 18 announced

Pyweek 18 was announced last week, to run from the 11th May to 18th May 2014, midnight to midnight (UTC).

Pyweek is a bi-annual games programming contest in which teams or individuals compete to develop a game, in Python, from scratch, in exactly one week, on a theme that is selected by vote and announced at the moment the contest starts.

The contest offers the opportunity to program alongside other Python programmers on a level playing field, with teams diarising their progress via the site, as well as chatting on IRC (#pyweek on Freenode).

Games are scored by other entrants, on criteria of fun, production and innovation, and it's a hectic juggling act to achieve all three in the limited time available.

It's open to all, and very beginner friendly. You don't need a team, you don't need finely honed artistic ability, and you don't need to set aside the whole week - winning games have been created in less than a day. I'd encourage you to take part: it's a great opportunity to explore your creative potential and learn something new.

Browse (and play) the previous entries at the site.

Pyweek 18 kicks off with the theme voting starting at 2014-05-04 00:00 UTC.


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