Pyweek 21 is one week away, 28th February-6th March 2016

The next Pyweek competition will run from 00:00 UTC on Sunday 28th February to 00:00 UTC on Sunday 6th March. That's next week!

Pyweek is a week-long games programming competition in which participants are challenged to write a game, from scratch, in a week, in Python.

This week, we vote on themes! The possible themes can be interpreted however you like:

  • Jump in line - you could do a Dance Dance Revolution-style game with cute animals
  • Showtime! - perhaps a business sim in which you run a TV network?
  • The aftermath - clean up the mess from a house party before your parents get home.
  • The incantation - players enter a TV talent show to prove they are the best spell-caster. Each week one is voted off! Featuring
  • In the model - this naturally lends itself to a totally awesome game in which you have to develop a Python script with sklearn to solve exciting big data problems! With cute animals!

But seriously, if these theme ideas get your creative juices flowing, and you have spare time to write a game next week, why not register an entry and give it a go?


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