New, free Python Jobs board

Recently we've been on a recruitment drive, trying to fill a number of roles for experienced Python developers. The jobs board has been frozen for a while, so to assist us in meeting new candidates we tossed around ideas for a free, community-run jobs board: it would have to be a static site; it would have to be on Github; employers should be able to list a job just by submitting a pull request. And then Steve went ahead and wrote it!:

Please, please bookmark it, tweet it, reblog it, even if you're not looking for a job right now. It only works if it gets eyeballs. And of course, it's completely free, for everyone, forever. It's by Pythonistas, for Pythonistas.

If you are hiring (and are not a recruitment agent), knock up a Markdown file describing the role you're looking to fill (plus some metadata) and send us a pull request. Instructions are in the Github README.

We'll accept job listings from anywhere in the world. Sure it's not very easy to navigate by region yet. That may be the next job. Perhaps you could help out - pull requests don't have to be limited to new job postings, hint, hint! (Build machinery/templates are in this repo).

On a personal note I want everyone in this community to be employed, happy, and making a comfortable living. Perhaps this site can help make that happen? I'd love to hear your feedback/experiences; use the Disqus gizmos below.

Update 9:45pm UTC: Talking to the team, I discover I'm mistaken: we're actually going to allow recruiters to post job opportunities, providing they do all the work in sending us a pull request and include full relevant details such as the identity of the employer.


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