WCAG + Samurai

The WCAG Samurai Errata to WCAG 1.0 is an independently-produced set of amendments ("errata" is not really the right word) that fairly accurately nail how WCAG is and isn't working for pragmatic but standards-compliant developers like me.

I stumbled across this while browsing Google for references while writing a proposal for a client. I was writing my usual set of caveats about the Web Content Accessbility Guidelines (WCAG), in which I lament how rubbish they are in practice. My usual spiel goes along the lines of "WCAG 1.0 informs all of our work at Mauve Internet. However, because the WCAG is subject to intepretation, and is now somewhat dated, we do not warrant conformance." I would like to make a clearer statement of how and why but a specification isn't really the place to challenge sections of the WCAG.

Happily, I can now get rid of this kind of non-committal note when writing specifications, and offer a firm commitment to WCAG+Samurai.

I will also be revising my company website - indeed, my company policy - to recommend conformance to the WCAG guidelines as amended by the WCAG Samurai Errata where possible.


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