Ha! For as long as I've had an account, MySpace has been plagued with messages saying "Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred"". This happens quite a lot, probably every couple of minutes. Obviously, MySpace has unique load problems, but I'd be cautious that any application the size of MySpace written in ColdFusion as opposed to plain Java Servlets won't just fall apart. But now, the MySpace administrators have come up with a really clever solution. It appears they've changed the error message. It now reads "This user's profile is down for routine maintenance". Not an error at all! It's easy to tell this is a lie, because the errors appear when you aren't viewing a profile, like when checking your mailbox or viewing bulletins: in fact, at the same frequency as the old one used to appear. Even if you buy it's relevant somehow, profiles going down for maintenance ever couple of minutes sounds equally incompetent.