Yesterday evening I finally managed to release Mauvespace. You can read more, download or signup on Version 0.1.0 is a kind of halfway house to a full social network. It's got a blog, user details, photos and a templating language, but it can't syndicate any of the information that it exports. I'm eyeing up Magpie as the parser behind blog syndication, and RAP can already parse RDF/XML so that's a pretty good start. The main issues are in finding profiles to syndicate, importing them into the database and making sure that it's all updated properly. I keep thinking of new mashups that the Mauvespace model allows. In fact it's a bit rich to even call them mashups. Mashups are usually defined as third-party scripts that combine and relate data from various large online databases to display interesting or useful things. With Mauvespace everything is a kind of mashup. Its data is (well, will be) drawn from a distributed semantic web and the templating language makes no distinction between local data and syndicated data. My next task is to do some publicising. I'm also going to do a couple of more varied themes for 0.1, I think, before I start doing anything involved for 0.2.